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Rock Social is dedicated to assisting all businesses, great and small, build their brand & grow through the power of social media and online marketing opportunities.

We will remove the stress & time involved in developing your marketing plans and eliminate the confusion involved with ever changing social media platforms. This will allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best – managing your business rather than worrying about what your next social media entry will be about.

Although we are an Australian based company,  we serve companies both nationally and internationally.

Rock Social Media are the market leaders in Social Media Management. We have a proven track record for delivering ROI (Return On Investment). Social media is the fastest growing avenue to generate new clients and to capture the positive feedback of your existing. We believe that building social media presence is so much more than getting “likes” or “grabbing a quick sale”. We are dedicated to building the right foundations to ensure a business’s long term growth and success. We use analyse and implement specific content to target specific demographics with content that appeals to core customers whilst drawing interest from new prospects.

Our friendly staff can answer any initial queries through our Contact Us form. We also offer a free, no obligation site visit to your business by one of our trained, expert advisors who will spend one-on-one time with you assessing your needs and determine a tailor made solution for your social media presence.

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    Social Media Statistics

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    Social Media Sites

    Most used social media sites and the percentage of people using them.

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    Internet Usage

    How many Australians are accessing the internet daily. Are you missing out?

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    Businesses Using Social Media

    Are you one of them? Businesses increase their turnover by 8% more when they are on social media.